Amun: So Much for SurveillanceMature

I followed my target silently, slipping out of an alley and remaining a few meters behind him at all times. Some citizens cast me wary glances, and I slipped away, taking to the rooftops and leaping along behind this Ramond.

Eventually, the light began to seep away from my surroundings, and I realized that it had taken too long for this little surveillance job to be completed. I then paid more attention to the man's wanderings, and discovered that he was using all of the common methods for losing a tail. I thought nothing of it: he must simply be a cautious man.

Then I realized that there were men following me, and several of them in front of me, keeping a close eye in my direction. Somehow, he knew what I was up to. I leapt from the roof of the builing I was on, and soon they were on me. This Ramond man soon disappeared as the other templars closed in on me, weapons at the ready.

I pulled the first man's sword out of his sheath, as he had been using a dagger, and slashed him across the chest, then brought the sword through his throat with a forward motion. The second man lost the entire rear part of his neck to my own dagger. The third man actually gave me a bit of fun. He thought he could outsmart me with a few fancy flourishes and feints; I soon found a weakness and jumped inside his defenses, slashing his throat and burying my dagger in his chest down to the hilt. The fourth one hardly even got close before he tasted - most likely in a literal sense - the steel of my sickle blade. I brought it down into his jaw and removed the entire lower portion of his face. The last two men, I walked through with ease, disposing of them with a few flicks of the wrist.

I then retrieved my dagger, wiped it off, and pulled up my hood, creeping away into the night. This was an...interesting scenario for me. I'd never been discovered until after a job in the past.


The End

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