the cairo thief.Mature

this girl the grand master paired me with, she was strange, she was beautiful, but her temper was lethel, on our way to the street she pushed past anything in her way. the locals seemed to be angry, but as soon as they saw out robes they were silent, and moved apart, I love my job. I watched her hair sway around her face as she swooped around a drunk man. I sped up to walk beside her "he's up ahead, the man with long hair and blue robes" I wisperd to her, "how can you be sure?" she asked, strechting to see where he was, He was a small man, and very slim, black as night and shifty eyed, the perfect rat to carry a message for the templars. I strode near to him and looked for the letter, nothing in sight, the girl moved closer.

I kept my eyes open for anything and everything. My gaze met the pale blue eyes of a man in an alley, he slipped away as soon as he saw me, I followed him into the alley, as i walked into the dark three men walked out in front of me, and i heard two more behind, one of them spoke "well now, I think we have a snooper, we don't like them, do we lads. show him what we do to people who snoop" he said with a grin on his scarred face. the three in front ran at me, they were stupid and clumsy, the first  fell with his dagger rammed into his eye, writhing in the sand before going still, the next had his throat slit by my blade before he could even speak, the two behind me ran forward I picked up the third thug and threw him into the others,  my hidden blade made sure they never got up, I turned to the last one, the leader, he was running, my throwing knife made sure he never got  into the light of day. "well done, you've got some skill, for an english man" I turned to see her, in the light, just as beautiful in this light. "thanks" i mutterd back. she threw me a pouch of money and waved the latter at me, "one for you, one for me" she said with a smile on her face. we walked away from the bodies, back to the tower. our job was done and we could get back to wait for the others.

The End

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