Aliera: Grand MasterMature

My pace was rather fast as I stride up to the guild with Arsinoe following quietly. To say I was not pleased about her disobeying me again was an understatement. I think Arsinoe knew that since for once she kept her mouth shut. It wasnt just her that was bothering me though. It was also the fact I had been summoned. Summoned! Like a dog.

I ground my teeth as I walk. There was no request of my presence just a brief message from another assassin. 'The Grand Master summons you to his quaters'.

Maybe punching the messenger had been a bit harsh but I just felt angry. I think thats what showed Arsinoe to quieten which she did so eventually after a few little questions to which I had snapped a reply. She herself know that even though I was angry I would hold my tongue about it and it was a lesson she had learned when I had stood watching her clean every inch of our living quarters a little way off from the guild.

We reached the Grand Masters room and I walked in without even bothering to knock.


"What is happening?!" snapped the Doc. 

"I-I don't know" Riley stuttered in reply. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. I was still seeing my ancestors memories. I was still stuck in the past. "We're losing connection"

"Then get her out" the Doc yelled angrily.

"I-I'm trying. She won't let me" Riley replied quickly. "We're losing her"

"Stop her. We need that information!"

"I-I can't..... We've... We've lost her. She's on her own"


I saw two others as I walked in. One was lent against the wall in the corner with the scent of blood drifting over from where he stood. "Grand Master" I say passing the second man with barely a glance and coming to a stop in front of him.

"Ah, Aliera... and Arsinoe. Nice of you to finally join us" he says a little impatiently. I clench my jaw and nod while Arsinoe almost sticks to my back like glue. She had met the Grand Master before and like all he sent crawls up her spine. She wouldnt admit she was frightened of him, yet neither would I, she was too stubborn for that.

"Aliera? Like Aliera Sunay" the second man says. I glance over at him taking in the mask covering his face and the black robes before rolling my eyes turning my gaze back to the Grand Master.

"That's me" I sigh.

"Hmmph, I've heard of you for when you apparently got shot by an arrow after risking a straight run over a roof" he continues.

I'm about to turn to snap back a comment when the Grand Master speaks, "That's enough, William. Although you seem to prefer 'the eagle' these days"

I scoff at that. "Such a roman name" I mutter. "Bet the person who gave you that thought you were dispicable"

"Aliera!" the Grand master snaps and I wince quieting. Then I realise the guy in the corner hasnt spoken and I glance over at him again briefly. "Moving on then. I brought you all hear for a task. I need you to gather information on the location of a map that shows the locations to some keys"

"I have the map you sent me for but it doesnt hold locations" William speaks.

"Yes, which is why we need this other map. The reason I have gathered you all is because the templars are involved and a very powerful one. I cannot send one of you alone" the Grand Master says.

"I work alone" the man in the corner says.

"I do too" William adds.

"You know I only work solo or with Arsinoe occassionally. What's happening here?" I question.

"It's too much for just one of you but together it might work" the Grand Master says turning and pacing over to gaze out a window. "I'm sending Amun to follow a man named Ramond who is apparently helping the templers bring in shipments of weapons to arm troops without the authority of the city or the roman legion. He is to be silenced but not until we get out the information as to the location of his masters in the city"

The Grand Master gives a pointed look to the man in the corner who after a few moments nods slowly. Then the Grand Master addresses me. "Is your apprentice trained enough to listen in on a meeting?"

I glance at Arsinoe who looks back at me pleading then nod to the master quickly. 

"Then she is to go to the end roads and listen in on the meeting of two troops. Find how many weapons they have so we can know what they're arranging. Now, William and Aliera... you shall be working together" I tense but hold my tongue as does William. "A man named Denry is to deliver a letter a little after noon. He will pass through the market. You are to retrieve this letter"

I glance at the sun through the window. "Its almost noon now" I point out.

"Then you better get going" 

All with a nod we begin to leave and I will say... I am so not happy about this.

The End

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