Oragin of the assasin. William.Mature

I awoke, not sure of the time, only aware of the dripping water running down the wall, the rain hit heavly agent the ground outside, the bolt on the dark metal door creacked back slower, and the door swung open, a guard walked in, coverd in armour and with a tray in his arms. "Morning William, it's the seventh day and your still here, you owe me" came a gruff voice from behind the mans mask, "seven days already?" i mutterd, "i still have time", as the tray was layed on the floor next to the patch of staw i called a bed i heard a soft cling of mental below it. As the guard turned and walked away he made a slight hand movment and i saw the assassin burn mark on his finger. "sly basterds" i thought to myself.

As the door shut behind him, I pulled the tray to my lap and felt underneath it, a key. I took it and slide it into my hand, i walked to the window and looked out, the street was crowed,  perfect to hide. I strode to the door, the key fits, I turn it and listen, no guards, the fools. I step out and see i was wrong, i guard meets my gaze and charges, before he has even raised his sword I have snapped his neck, his limp body falls to the floor, minus a dagger and pouch coins, i owe a man.

And walk to the end of the dark corridoor and find my fathers wepon on the table, long a slender, with the curved handle that only he and I could use and feel at home with, i attach it to my ragged cloths, next to it, broken and batterd from templar soldiers fooling around with it, I find my hidden blade. I walked to the open door and climbed the the dimly lit stairs to the street, there were to guards at the top, both fell to my sword before they could raise the alarm. As the next three guards ran from my blooded blade. Getting passed the bridge was next, the river was cold but i was across it in a matter of minates, hearing the alarm bell behind me.

A single arrow pierce's the water near me, the start of a hail of them, the sky above was black with arrows, and they all missed, "to good for you" I said to myself as I climbed out of the murky water, I slipped into the crowds of the market and was gone forever, I found a horse outside a hut on the outskirts of the town and rode of into the desart, the tower on the horizon told me the way to home, the assassin's guild, where I could have some real rest, and see the grand master with the information i was sent to collect, so long ago.

The End

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