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Alexandria, Egypt, 3rd Century BC. The Romans have invaded, and the Templars have come riding on their backs. Rumour gets around to the Egyptian Assassins Guild and the Templars of a Codex hidden somewhere in Egypt, which houses a secret; a direct map to the Pieces of Eden. The Assassins and Templars, under control of Julius Caesar, fight it out to find out the exact location of this map, and to locate the keys needed to access the tomb in which it is hidden.

'Nothing is true, Everything is permitted' - Assasins Creed


All I can see is a blur of towering shelves. I look at my arms to see wrist guards then look round again. My head pounds painfully.

"She's not letting in" says a male voice that bounces and rattles in my head. I groan clutching it painfully.

"What is she doing? What is the problem, Riley?" an angry voice snaps.

"I dont know!" he snaps back. "She seems to just be regecting the memories. I have to pull her out"

"No! We need this information!" the angry voice snaps.

I turn to see flames beginning to grow. I try to run but I can't move. Everythings slow. Things seem to flick like a computer. Like this isnt real. I mean it cant be real. Voices in my head and blurry flickering sight.

"If we keep her in we will get nothing!" this Riley snaps again. Then suddenly I'm tumbling. Being pulled out of this strange area where my sight makes no sense and buckling awake.

Arms hold me down as I wake and I met with the sight of a white lab. Suddenly I'm released and I stumble to my feet. "What the hell is going on?" I snap as I look between them.

"Oh calm down, Miss Helena" the man in the white coat says. "You are over reacting to this situation" he continues clasping his hands behind his back.

"Yeah, waking up to having been kidnapped is so over reacting" the boy in another lab coat but younger looking says. I presume this to be Riley.

"What is happening?" I ask looking between them.

"Science is happening, Miss Helena. Science you will not understand" the old man says.

"Doc, the closest memory I have found is two years before they find it" Riley says.

"Ah good"

"Found what?" I ask angry for being ignored. I glance at this doctor and watch him sigh annoyed.

"We are accessing the memories of your ansestors" the doctor says. "Now onto the animus"

"Animus? What is-Wait! No! I dont care I want to go home" I snap looking between them. Why cant they tell me just what's happening. I rest my eyes on Riley who seems to be the more compasionate of the two but he just avoids my gaze. Seriously? Thats just childish.

"You can go home as soon as we get the information we need. Now into the animus please" the doctor snaps then goes to his desk. I reluctantly walk to the 'animus?' lying down on the cold metal of the machine that fits to the arch of my back.

"This is the memory we can access" Riley tells me. "So, we'll start here after you're synced to your ancestor"

"Sync?" I questioned but I barely have chance to say anything else before white blinds my vision.


Aliera Sunay

I perch on the edge of thebuilding gazing out at the city of Cairo. I find my piercing eyes resting on my target. The absense of my apprentice gives me the silence I always look forward to since I'd been tutoring her or was it just the sense of peace that being alone brings.

Rising to my feet I take off a run. My racing steps barely make a sound as I jump from one building to another. Then I can see him directly below me. A templar. An enemy. I draw my dagger and jump dropping on the man. I bring my blade quickly into the flesh of his neck.

Time slows. "No" he croaks. "This cannot be. I was so close"

"Controlling women to succeed in your plans is not only vile but completely using the weakness of others"

"It will continue" he gets out as his eyes slowly glaze over and his breath stops.

"No, it wont" I whisper to the dead body. I pull out the feather and stain it before I realise the comotion. I drop the body barely dodging the swing of the guards swords. Then I'm running up the side of a building. My hand grasps a window ledge and I'm yanking my light body up.

I swing up onto the roof leaning back watching an arrow shoot past me. I draw out the small knife and throw. It hits the man dead between the eyes and he falls back. Then I begin to run. Roars and the clang of metal goes out but using the roof tops I reach the sanctuary of a dark alley quickly. I slip onto a bench and lower my head. My hood that usually shadows my face darkens my vision.

So I listen. The clomps of boots comes.... and then goes passing me like another common civilian. A cold smile sneaks onto my lips. Idiots, I think before rising to my feet then beginning down the path. Reaching a road I put my finger to my lips and whistsle. My horse comes trotting and I lift myself up onto her back. I leave the city limits not going far before I reach the towering walls of the assassins guild.

"Aliera" a voice calls and I groan. Right, back to training the young one. I turn reluctantly to face Arsinoe.

The End

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