Toni: Not Going To Hurt You.Mature

I'm confused. "Tell me!" I hiss at her, I'm doubled over on the ground, sweat is all over me. "Well, I can hear thoughts too. Hey, come inside with me and me and my friends can help you..." The girl with black hair starts. I scream out.

"No! Are you stupid or something?" I yell at her. It's not her fault, the creature inside me can feel her ability. She's one of the girls I saw earlier in the dorm. I growl. "Hey! Who are you calling stupid? I'm not the one turning down help, you douche!" The girl yells at me.

I slowly get to my feet, knowing my eyes are now white. But I don't need my human sight when I'm like this, the creature  can feel peoples energy and puts it into vision. I can feel it growing, getting really stronger. The girl sighs. "Look, my name's Sam. Sam Richi. Who are you?" Sam asks, her voice still annoyed.

I scream out loudly, feeling the beast coming out. Sam Richi walks towards me, her hand out towards me. I push her back, making her fall to the floor. I can feel the black winds of the creature rip out of my back. I can feel the rest of my body start to change.

I will not kill this girl! I will not show her what I am! I strech my wings and flying into the air, away to the country side. I know no one is ever there, so I won't hurt anyone.

I land on the grassy ground, no longer able to contain the beast any longer. Fear spreads all over me as the creature takes over. I scream out, fire all around me.The pain is agonising, but there is nothing I can do. Black tears run down my face from my eyes, feeding the fire.

The End

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