Toni: WaitMature

My vision is blurring as I open the slowly. I wince at the sun light. Bloody hell, that's bright! I've knida forgotten how bright it could be, yet there's still darkness. No matter where I go the darkness follows or am I following the darkness? Either way, I know I can't escape it.

I can hear the students walking out of there dorms and going towards the school. I groan, knowing the thing inside me is planning something. I wish I could control it just as much as it wishes to control me.

I sit up on the ground and look around me. It's not that much different to the night, it's only brighter. I sigh and get to my feet. I narrow my eyes as I try and hear some people talking.

"No way! It can't be that close!" I hear one girl saying to her friends. "It is. Father was out hunting, you know, looking for some lost travlers when he saw the forest and people in ashes." I've got a sudden dislike for that vampire guy who just spoke. Maybe it's because he's talking about what I did or maybe it's because I've been bought up to hate vamps.

"But, if that thing was in the forest, that means it could be here!" The girl who I first heared spoke, her voice filled with terror. I look through the trees to find them. Yeah, I see them. I thought see was a fairy.

That's something good about having this thing inside me, I can sence what creatures are better then most. I shake my head and turn away from them, I don't want to hear anymore about what I've done.

I can see the girls that I saw last night are coming out of their dorm. The creature inside me grows with greed, knowing their powers are strong. I sit back down. I shouldn't of come here. Maybe it would of been better if I went to that school that Uncle wantted me to go to.

Oh, I don't know what to do! I'm tired of running, yet, I'm tired of feeling trapped. I think I should stay here for a while, maybe I'll be able to control the thing inside better.

I can imagine it. Me, free.No more creature inside me. Just me in total control. I want to go in the school now, I'm desprate to be free. I know I've got to wait though. I'm not sure why but I have to wait. I'll go tomorrow. Until then, I need to stay out of the way. Out of everyones sight.


The End

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