Toni. - Knock.Mature

I wake up again, not because of the creature but because of a small knock. It's strange, I think my hearing has got incredibly better since I came here. I stand up, wobbling a bit, and see a girl with angel curls walking into the dorm with the three girls I saw the other day.

I tilt my head to the side, wondering what her power is. It doesn't take me long to find out, the creature inside of me has sensed her power and now I know what it is. She's an fallen angel.

That's not all. She's got sharp teeth. The monster inside can tell that she's been borght up by vampires. Hmm, vampires. I haven't met a vampire in a while. My uncle, being a wolf, doesn't like them too much. I'm intreged but I can't be sure if that's me or the monster in me.

One beds left. I sigh, my body's longing to lay down on a bed. It's strange that I've only just realised this but, ever since I've lived with my uncle, I've never slept on a bed! Only the hard concrete floor of the celler. I yawn, setterling back down on the floor. Man, I'm bushed! It's weird, I my sleeping was okay when I lived with my parents but ever since my uncle found out that I am able to become this demon, I haven't had a proper nights sleep.

Uncle used to say it was because of the horrible fire that killed my parents but I don't think so. I think the demon is trying to make me weak so he can control me. But that's not why I'm so worried. I'm worried because I think it's coming true.

The End

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