Ashley-Knocking on Heavens DoorMature

Knocking on Sams door, was toatally the opposite of knocking on heavens door. Sam Richi, opened her front door and greeted us with a big yawn, "hey!" i shouted, "your not even dressed yet, come on, come on!", Sam gave me a faint hearted glance, which i returned to with a stern face and Tim, who towered above both me and Sam gave her the same look. Sam huffed and quickly managed to drag herself up her stairs, returning sortly after, fully dressed, with a bag over her sholder. I smiled at a more fresh and alive looking Sam, and Tim said "lets go then" and off we went, we decided to run to school, and as we ran we spoke to eachother in our heads.

 Now i know that sounds weird but we can do it, we can talk to each other, its so hard to explain how we do it, and how it started but here goes, i describe it like email, we say somthing in our heads and think about who we want to hear it,and if we dont think about anyone in particular, we all just hear it, sadly the only choices we have at the moment is the three of us, Me, Tim and Sam, i dont really know how it happend, but we just met eachother and all of a sudden our thoughts were being heard by others, we found out when i thought about how rediculously tall Tim was, and Tim shouted out load "oi!" thinking that i had said that out loud as she had heard it in her head, we had good fun chating about it, and became friends, and you know its a good reason to be friends (even though we like eachother as people too) but it comes in real handy somtimes. people say "so its like mind reading then?" and for some reason that really anoys me, because i then have to explain that no, it is not mind reading! so dont ever say that coz that is what annoys me the most!

it wasnt long before we reached Fallen Moon High, me being a vampire and being powerd by my electricity made me the fastest but, Sam had the air on her side  pushing her along and Tim was able to manipulate the moisture in the air, to push her along. So all in all we actually didnt have much time to chat, but we thought that we would save it for when we got to our dorm. We walked through the main doors rarther loudly, we wernt trying to make a scene but we did and we got enought turns from heads to last us for months but i bet there would be plenty more where those came from. We had to go to the reception and find out what dorm we were in first and we all felt like right idiots walking around with maps our looking puzzeled, and amazed out how Frickin big the place was! but we soon found our dorm.... our dorm, its not that bad actually there are five single beds in our one, i stold the bed by the fire, as Tim refused to sleep there, she chose the bed by the window and Sam got the bed by the other window, we all sat down on our beds and chated about who our other dorm mates could be, we spoke for ages, until there was a knock at the door.

The End

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