Toni. - Why Is He Waiting?Mature

I keep going in and outof dreamless sleep. I never dream, but I just want one proper sleep without being woken up by the creature inside of me waking me up. I think he does this on purpose. My eye lids close. Hmmm sleep.

I wake up agian, feeling the demon inside getting stronger. I think this is the strongest he's ever been. Why doesn't he attack those students? Why is he waiting? I get up and see why. These aren't normal students. My eyes are wide. That girl was right! This is a place for abilities. One girl is making her bed but using air! Another is moving some water in a glass around while the other is making electricity balls! Ohmygod! He wants them! Wait; not just them. The whole school! I have to get out of here!

 But where will I go? My uncle will send out a search party when he finds out I'm not at Grimwall. Maybe here, someone will be able to get rid of the demon inside of me. No. It's too dangerous. If I'm going to stay here, I've got to be me times 100. I'm not a very nice person, some say evil, and that's what keeps people away.

I sit down, suddenly tired, and fall straight to sleep agian.

The End

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