Toni. - The Monster At Bay.Mature

The first thing I feel is the cold forest floor. I'm lying on my back, with my eyes closed, shivering. But I welcome the cold, it helps the creature retreat. Why won't it go away? Why can't it just leave me alone? My uncle’s words spin around my head.

"You've been chosen Toni" "You should be proud to hold such power... Soon you'll be the most powerful creature in existence." "Together, we will conquer the world. Our people will live in fire. Can you imagine it? The power will rightfully be ours princess."

 I start shaking even more.

I hate him! He did this to me! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn't live my life in fear of hurting others. If it weren't for him I could actually get close to someone like many others I've seen. But no. I have to live my life blanking others and trying to keep this ever-growing evil away.

It growls inside of me.


I could feel this happening for months now but I didn’t want to admit to it. He’s getting stronger. Really, really, stronger. My breath comes out quick because I know that soon I won’t be able to control my own body anymore; he will.

I wrinkle up my nose. The sent of ash is strongly in the air. I don’t want to go, I want to just stay here and never get up again. But, of course, I can’t do that. I’m a fighter and many say I’ve got a heart of steel. They only say that because I act like that to keep them away from me; to keep them safe. When he’s close to taking over I’m always angry; it’s strange. Sooner or later, someone will notice the forest being half burn down and they’ll come running. That’s what he wants; he wants to claim more victims, to take more souls for his own enjoyment. The more powerful the better. It helps him get stronger. Slowly, I open my eyes.


The forest is ruined! Black ash is everywhere. I rise to my feet and stare down at the remains of the creatures’ latest victims. I can see the ashes and limbs of the people in black, who tried to help me. I can see the girl who told me to go to that school and run. She’s more together then the rest. I look at Wolf’s remains. Unable to see the girls haunting eyes anymore. He suffered the most, I know that; I can feel that. Thick puddles of blood are everywhere, mixing in with the ash. Their guts and muscles are scattered everywhere and torched. If I wasn’t so used to seeing things like this, I would of thrown up.


Shit! Was that footsteps? I extended my senses, feeling the person’s body heat. The monster inside my growled greedily, bloodthirsty for more. I pick up my backpack and run, run as fast as my legs will let me. I am faster then any mortal and if someone saw me, it’ll look like I’m flying through the forest.


My feet stop hitting the ground when I hear some music and see some sparkling lights ahead of me. This must be the school the girl was talking about. I start to creep closer to the big building, trying to locate the source of the music. I peek through a window and I can see three girls unpacking their bags and laughing. They must be in the same dorm. The monster inside of me quietly growls, bringing a smile to my lips. I know he’s too weak to reappear anytime soon.


I move back into the trees, I’ll stay here for a few days until I can figure out what to do.

The End

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