Jamie - Did dieMature

"But this is impossible" I stutter. "You died... on the fall you died"

The women smiles...... Catherine smiles.

"I did die but.... angels can never truely die honey" she says using the voice I remember so well.

I watched her fall. Three years ago when she was trying to leave the other angels wouldn't let her forcing her back to earth and her wings to burn. Leaving the mark of a fallen angel upon her back.

I try to find a reason some way she could have survived her body burning in magma but...... I can't. They threw her down straight into the depths of an active volcano and I watched them do it, in pain.

"Then what are you?" I ask.

"A angelic spirit.... Well a fallen angelic spirit" she says. "Don't harm your brother there, he's th only one who can help you at fallen high"

"But he killed him. He sucked my best friend dry" I say starting to get slightly angry but I take a deep breath and calm down quickly.

"I know honey..... oh here this is why I came to give you this" she says handing over a seed.

"What is it?" I ask.

"You grow a small flower pixie from it. When the flower blooms the pixie appears and the one who nurtured it will be its... master so to speak" Catherine says smiling. "Oh, I must go now"

Then she turns and dispears into the wind.

"Well that was weird" Coil says and my sister elbows him in the guts so I can't help but smile.

The End

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