Toni. - Shouldn't Play With Fire.Mature


“Take your hands off of me you filthy dog!”

This is sooo not necessary!  There’s no point dumping me at this stupid school (Grimwall High), like it’ll really change my mind. Like it’ll make forget what’s happened to me! Ha! What a load of bull!

I’m trying to get my arm free from my uncle’s hit-mans sweaty grip. I’m struggling to free myself, making the hit-man grunt. The grip tightened causing me, much to my dismay, to wince.

 “Careful princess, you don’t want to hurt your pretty self do ya?” His hot, manky breath brushed against my face.

Ewww, now I’m gonna smell like scanky dogs! Great! What a way to make a first impression!

We’re in a dark forest, it must be night. Even though I hate being touched, I have to admit that it’s so good to be outside again. I haven’t been outside since… well, I can’t remember the last time. He starts pushing me onwards.

“We’ve got a long way to go princess and I can make things very difficult for you if we don’t get there before sunrise.”

That’s it! No one, and I mean no one, tells me what to do! Not now, not ever! I start to see red. Oh shit, this isn’t gonna be good. Too late to go back now.

 “And we can make things very difficult for you too.” A voice emerged from the forest, then about five people in black jumped down from the tree tops. My capturer looks around, shock all over his face.

They shouldn’t be here, I’m already starting to shake.

“Let go of the girl, Wolf.” There goes the voice again, coming closer to us, Wolf body's ready for a fight. “Ha! Sorry pal but I’ve got a job to do see. So piss off!” Wolf barked, his black eyes livid.

“Wrong answer.”

Even though I can’t see his face, I can tell a small smile is on his lips.

 In a matter of seconds, rough hands separate Wolf and me, sending me flying into the nearest tree. I’m shaking rapidly now.

Why won’t they go? They have to get out of here! They’re gonna die.

I’m looking at the people getting ready for battle. A young girl is beside me.

“Run. Run north until you see a big gothic building. It’s a school for people like us, they’ll help you. They’ll keep you safe.” Her voice is urgent and confident. She helps me to my shaking feet.

It’s too late.

Wolf knows the signs, he knows what’s about to happen and he finds it hilarious. “You’re going to die.”

 “Ha! I think you’ll find we’ll be the ones killing you.” The guy who spoke the first time said, he must be the leader. My vision is now fully blocked by red. Anger is filling my body, running through my veins.

Wolf laughter pick-ups. “Not by me boy. But by her.”

 He’s got a grotty finger pointing right at me, I can sense it. It’s too late. Far too late.

It’s happening, the pain is excruciating. I’m changing. Every cell in my body is changing to hatred, anger and pain. Their faces are full of horror. I’m not in control anymore, I’m too weak. I’ve only got one thought running through my mind. Kill! “You shouldn’t play with fire.”

The End

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