Ashley. - Electrical Currents.Mature

Okay, I’ve got my bag already for being back at Fallen Moon High in…. 3 hours. I’ve been getting ready all day and I mean all day. No breaks for nothing! Times like this, it’s good to be a vampire. Hell, it’s always good to be a vampire! What to do now? What to do now?

My eyes are searching my marble bedroom, I do love this bedroom. It’s so unusual, so unique!

My hazel-brown eyes skim past the red sofa, my table, my red bed and new my computer. All this stuff isn’t even out in the shops yet (another advantage of being me).


My sharp eyes can see every single detail in this room and, of course, it’s all perfectly clean. Something big at white catches my eye, making my smile spread across my pale face. Now I’m looking at it, it keeps on calling me. Like in a trace I’m going over there magnetised. In a matter of seconds I am across my huge bedroom, sitting down on the beautiful white seat. I reach out my equally white right hand to stroke my most prized precessions. I carefully lift the lid, running my fingers over the keys inside.


Oh my piano. God knows how much I love you. A little sigh escapes my lips, already missing knowing that I’ll miss it 100 times more at Fallen Moon High. Well, best make the most of this now.

My fingers are running along my ancient piano keys, following the familiar routine. At least I’ve got another one in my cabin at F.M.H (Fallen Moon High). To be honest, I wouldn’t really want this to be there because of what happened last year. The students were going into random cabins (most of the time without consent) and threw a party, breaking a lot of things.


 I’ve come to the end of my Beethoven favourite, Moonlight Sonata, even though I’ve already gone through it twice. Now I can play my own creation, ‘Long Night’. This is my favourite self-made piece by far; it sums up me in every way. Bbzzz.


Bbzzz. Bbzzz. Bbzzz. Ohmybloodygod! I’ve got my hand on my chest and I’m breathing very deeply. My god that scared the life out of me! Or should that be the death out of me? I giggle at my play on words and push the white piano lid close. I’m now fishing out my phone from my skinny jeans pocket. Got it! Now lets see what all the bbzzzing is about.


I look at the wide touch screen, eyes wide. Oh shit! No! No! No! No! No! How the hell could I of forgotten? What’s wrong with me these days? I’m now running all around the place, getting everything I’ll need. Dear god how could I forget? It only takes me a matter of second to have all my stuff. I’m doing a quick check search of all the things that I’ll need. Yep, got it all.


I’m zooming out the door, clutching all of my stuff for dear life. Oh screw this. I’ve stopped running and my things are now on the forest floor (miles away from my house, vampires can run quick).

C’mon Ashley, time to get things a little electrifying. My hands are together, forming electricity to come foaming out of them and onto my school stuff. I’m stopping, knowing that my things are already at school and I’m electrifying a hole in the ground. Talk about strong electrical currents.

I’ve got my phone out again. Oh god, I’m so so so late! She’s gonna kill me! It’s too far for me to run and get there in time; I’ll have to teleport. I’m pushing electricity out of my body and all around me; thinking very hard onto where I want to go.


My eyes are closed shut but I know I’m here because of the salty smell and the sound of clashing waves. I’m fluttering my eyes slowly open and I can see a very tall figure in front of me looking extremely cross.

“Where the bloody hell have you been? Do you know how long I’ve been sitting here for?”  I roll my eyes, knowing that Tim Star never holds grudges so she’ll be fine in about… “Sorry I yelled at you Ashley, it’s just that we need to get going. It’s not just us going together this year.”

What is she… oh. Now I remember! “C’mon on then Tim. What way we gonna go? Your way or mine?” Tim is towering over me beaming. Oh great. I’ve just washed my hair as well. Tim grabs my small, but extremely strong, hand and in seconds water starts to cover us.


Minuets later we’re in the middle of a road. We look at each other and burst out laughing. Trust Tim to navigate us into the middle of a road. We start legging it to the sidewalk and turned into a cul de sac. Tim’s got my hand again, taking me in front of a door with peeling paint.

“Are you sure this is the right house Tim?” My left eyebrow is lifted up into my hair, while my eyes are giving her a spectacle look. She rolls her eyes, making me giggle. “Have some trust Ashley. Of course this is the right house.” Yeah; you’ve said that before. I shrug, turning to the old door and taped it once. We are standing, soaking wet and cold, in complete silence. Maybe this is the wrong house. Or maybe she’s already gone to school?


I open my mouth, going to express my opinion to Tim but the door slowly opened. I‘m now looking at a teenage girl. A very sleepy, teenage, girl. She’s just standing there, rooted to the spot, with her mouth hanging open. Tim gives me a ‘told ya so’ look.

 “Okay, you’re right this is the right house.” She laughs, delighted that I’m admitting she that was right. Tim turned to are fellow Fallen Moon High mate.

“Hi Sam! Surprise! You’re coming with us to school!” I roll my hazel-brown eyes again.

The End

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