Tim. - Water Waves.Mature

I take a couple long, deep, breaths, filling my lungs with the seawater filled air. Hmm, it’s sooo peaceful on my beach. Well, no one else ever comes here so I class it as mine. I’m sitting on a hot rock, where I often lay, with my feet in the smooth British ocean.

The water’s gorgeous, of course it’s cold but what do you expect? This is England! I’m listening to the gentle sound of the waves reaching the shore, then returning back into the far depths of the sea. I’m looking out to horizon, knowing that in a couple of hours, the sun will soon be setting.

I can see my expected future, all there, all laid out in front of me; just like these water waves, predictable. Me, Timbilly Star, with long brunette waves. My ability is made by my destiny. Sure, some people can control and create water but mine’s different. I’m a direct descendant from Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

Hmm. Back to Fallen Moon High in the morning. At least they now have a decent pool now. The old one was horrible! So small and manky! Even I wouldn’t swim in it and that’s saying something. Hopefully this year will be better. Last year, my first year was horrible! Everyone mocked because of my height, just because they’re all midgets (average 5”7).  I’m really tall, and I mean really tall. At the moment I’m about 6”2 but I’m still growing rapidly. This is also to do with my powers. I can grow taller because if I want to and it also heals me.

 I look down at my watch. Damn, she’s bloody late again! I told her to be here half an hour ago! She’s always doing this. I know I do too but that's besides the point. I look at the, once peaceful, sky. It’s now raging, electrical bolts are zapping from the sky.

Finally, she’s here.

The End

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