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“Jamie, have you got everything ready for school tomorrow?” A musical voice floated up to my tree houseroom. “Yes” I replied my voice just as musical. I extended my hearing so much that I could hear the plants growing. I am so involved with nature that I didn’t even notice my brother teleport next to me. I could sense his presence but, as always, was reluctant to acknowledge it.

He coughed (fake of course, vampires have no need to cough). I ignored him, trying to stay in my happy place. Then he tapped me on the shoulder. Great, there’s no way I can getaway with ignoring him now. I turned to face him.

His unnaturally white teeth sparkled as he smiled at me. I know what he’s thinking by that look and he has got to be kidding me! “Hey little sis. Wanna get a bite to eat?” I rolled my brown eyes. It’s unusual for a vampire to have eyes like mine, normally they’re blood red (like my brother in front of me) or a rich golden colour (like my sister, Coils.), but I’m different, I have been bought up to be a vampire but I’m really a fallen angel. As I’m a fallen angel, I got amnesia so I can now eat human food or blood. Great.

“Look Percy, I don’t want to be rude but me and Coil are going and it’s kinda a girly hunting spree.”  Percy looked at me, amusement gleaming in his deep red eyes. “Well, I know Coil won’t care if I’m hunting with you, so I think I’ll tag along.” His ego is so big; it makes me want to shrivel my nose up at him.

“Jamie, you up there?” Coil jumped into the tree house smiling beautifully at Percy and me. She starts to giggle. “Can you believe it Jamie? Tomorrow’s gonna be your first day at Fallen Moon High! Isn’t it just so exciting?”  Coil’s eyes glazed over a bit, remembering back to her first day I presume.

Again I roll my eyes and in doing so get Coil’s big, golden ones gave me a ‘whatsthatlookfor?’ look. I smiled sheepishly back at my eldest sibling. “Sooo; what were you two talking about?”  Coil is always eager to know the latest gossip and can’t stand not knowing something that someone else does. I open my mouth to speak but, as always, Percy got in there before me.

“Jamie was just saying how much she’ll love me to come hunting with my two favourite sisters.” I snorted and Coil rolled her eyes. “You’re such a liar Percy Blackthorne.” He smiled, very amused. It doesn’t take someone with Coils ability (can tell when someone’s lying) to know that I defiantly didn’t say that.

“Well as we are on the subject of me going with you guys, I think I better come.” Both Coil and I gave him a sceptical look. “Oh c’mon. It’s already dark and we’re all together, there’s no point for all of us not to go on a hunting spree.” Coil was turning over what he was saying in her mind and gave a small nod. Oh Coil!  I don’t want to go hunting with him! Percy’s smile grew, the amusement growing in his eyes. “Very well then, I guess that’s that then.”

I scowled at Coil. She knows my dislike for my older brother and she still lets him come with us hunting. Unbelievable! Well, it is true that Percy Blackthorne can rap anyone around his little finger.

I shook my head, knowing that once Coil says something, she’ll stick to it. I catch Coil Blackthorne’s eye and I know she can tell what’s bothering me. She gracefully turned to Percy, smiling so sweetly that it would have dazzled any human. She started to flutter her eyelids at him and he returned her gaze with a questioning look on his face, his left eyebrow higher then his right. “Percy; can you give us a girly minuet together pleassse?” I have to admit, when she purrs like that, its no wonder she always gets her way.

Percy shrug’s, turns and jumps out of the tree house window without another glance back. A long, unnecessary sigh passes my pale lips. I bow my head, letting my unique, blonde brunette angel curls fall over my face. I can feel Coil standing over me but I don’t want to take any notice.

“Jamie, honey, it’s time for you to get over it. You’re going to be around for eternity, so you’re gonna have to forgive Percy some time. Now more then ever because Fallen Moon High hasn’t got the nicest creatures around; you’ll need Perc to protect you there.” Coil starts to brush away the hair that is covering my thin, pale, face.

I look up, my eyes staring like thorns, making Coil take a step back, knowing fully well of what my abilities can do when I get pissed off with someone. “Look, Jamie. I know what Percy did was extremely selfish but he’s your brother! You just have to forgive him, you too use to be sooo close.”  Coils eyes are full of concern and longing for things to go back to the way things used to be between the three of us. “It can’t go back to the way things used to be. It can’t!” I turn my face away from my immortal, older, sister.

“Why can’t it?” Coils face is hurt, so hurt that it breaks my heart to see.

“Yes, why can’t it?” By the window, Percy is standing leaning against the wooden wall, looking smug.

Hot tears are coming to my brown eyes, I hate his cocky smile! Anger is filling my veins, reddening my vision. “You know why.”

“Really? Sorry but nothings coming to me.”

My fists are clenching and un-clenching; I’m losing my temper (which is hard to do, I’m normally quiet peaceful.).

“Oh wait; something’s coming to me. Lee, no, Luke." Percy smiles. I’m shaking, losing control.  "I remember now. He was delicious!”  Percy’s unnaturally white teeth are shining on his handsome face. That’s it! He’s bringing back memories of us all together, with Luke. And even the one from the night he drained my beloved Luke dry.

I’m screaming out, letting go of all my anger. Thick, green, vines are circling around Percy. Digging into his hard skin, causing him to yell out in pain and bleed from where the vines are squeezing him too tightly; even though he is a vampire.

Coil has put her tight grip on my shoulder, taking away some of my anger.

I let her lead me out of the tree house. As soon as we are on the grassy ground, I send thorns flying straight for Percy.

“Jamie Blackthorne, you stop that right now!” It’s her. But it can’t be. I saw her die three years ago, yet she is right in front of me; using her ability (mind control) to stop my flying thorns. How can she be alive? How is this possible?

The End

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