Sam. - The Wind In Your Hair.Mature

My head is pounding and her screaming is running through my ears, leaving them numb. I get up from my bed and sleepily stumble into my younger sisters room. She’s in her cot, crying. I sigh wearily, stroking my baby sisters’ head gently. “Shooo, shooo Emily. Sammy’s here.” I coo. I pick up Emily, protecting her head, and took her steadily down the stairs.


We’re now in the small kitchen and I am rocking Emily Richi, willing her to fall asleep again. I turn the light on just as Emily’s cries dry out, making her become silent, her eyes wide. The light shines onto the dirty, marble, surfaces. I try to open the fridge door but it won’t budge! I sigh putting my hand to my head and then through my long black hair. I turn to my thirsty sister, rubbing my eyes in doing so. “You’re wearing me out girl.” I whisper to the little baby in my arms. I lean down and kiss her head softly.


Emily’s tiny stomach rumbles, I give her a tired smile. I start to look around the filthy kitchen, sighing because I know that in the morning our parents will be home sending me back to school. School’s not that bad but this is a boarding school and that means I won’t be able to see Emily everyday.  “Time to clean things up, right Em?” I smile down at her, feeling home and at one.


I take a deep breath, clicking my fingers and the dust and filth start to swirl around in front of us. The wind tickling us as it is being used to clean the kitchen. Emily starts to laugh and I’m joining in with her. It feels sooo good to use my powers again. My parents don’t want me to use my ability around Emily; but she loves it! I can feel strength pulsing through me and I’m feeling more refreshed then ever! In a matter of seconds, the kitchen is squeaky clean, looking just like it did when my parents left it.


I turn to the fridge and send gusts of air towards it, going through the fridge door and opening it. I walk over to it and Emily giggles, knowing her milk is just moments away. I make the air circle around the bottle and fly into my expecting hand. A yawn escapes my lips as I cover Emily in a blanket of air. I go towards the microwave to heat up Em’s milk, just the way she likes it.


Beep! Beep! I quickly turn it off and take it out into my hand again. I turn to my sister, who was nudging the air force field that I place around her. Soft laughter flows out of my lips as she gives me a sleepy grin. “C’mon spider monkey. We’ve gotta get you to bed.” The reason why I call her spider monkey is because she’s like one. She can climb like mad, just like a spider monkey. It’s her ability. I start to imagine her room and in seconds we were both there, the air settling around us.


I lay Emily down into her cot and give her her warm milk. She drinks it greedily, her eyes drooping after she finishes the bottle. In moments she is sound asleep, and the empty bottle flies into my hand once again.

My smile shines; glad that I am finally able to listen to my beckoning bed. I’m quietly tiptoeing out of Emily’s room and going the down stairs, for the last time this night.

I place the bottle by the sink, ready to be cleaned up in the morning and I head for the stairs once again. My feet are on the bottom step; I can hear the doorbell chime. A loud growl passes my lips whilst wondering whom the hell it could be at this time of night (early morning but still). I open the door in annoyance; angry for whomever it is to interrupt my sleep. I look up to the people on my doorstep and my mouth is dropping wide open. I totally forgot!

The End

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