Jazz's Dream

The house was dark, quiet, everyone in it was asleep. The safe was there, just beyond a painting; a fake mona lisa. It was obvious. I pulled the painting down, no alarms went off. Odd, usually people protected their things with more alarms, particularly if there was something this valuable inside. The safe was the usual dial safe, I did it by touch, easily. One...Two...Three... there was a soft click as the safe came unlocked. I swung it open, silently. Inside the safe was not the pile of large, valuable diamonds rumored to be inside but a window, the view showing a man, dark and smiling, pointing a gun at Niks head.

"Let her go!" I yelled, that set off the alarms, suddenly there were many footsteps on the wooden floor and I was pulled away from the window, pulled down to the floor. Faces swarmed my vision. Familiar and unfamiliar. The faces of my parents, of the man I'd conned yesterday, many others. Far in the distance, I heard a gun go off, and someone laughed. The sound was chilling.

The End

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