Money Problems

I withdrew my hand as Lara whipped at it playfully with the towel, diving right into my explanation.

"Last night," I began, "I got home, and I didn't have my pistol with me-"

"Why not? You normally never leave home without your .45."

"I wasn't expecting trouble. I let my guard down. So, I got home, and my place was trashed. I mean, there was stuff thrown all over the place. So, I kept looking, and I heard someone in the bathroom, so I went to investigate. I saw a person-" Here I stopped, and jerked my head to indicate that the "person" was behind me to my right - "wearing all black and a ski mask digging in my vault. There was a little fight, which I won, and I pulled the mask off to see this girl laying there, fighting against my grip. She told me she needed help, she just kept begging me to help her, so I asked her what her problem was."

"What did she say?" asked Lara, now fully intrigued, I could tell.

"She said..." I paused again, preparing for what I was about to say. "She told me that Demyan - you remember him, right? Bigger guy, Russian, runs his own huge crime syndicate?" Lara nodded. "That's the one - anyway, she told me that her sister owes Demyan a lot of money - I mean, a lot of money. You remember how much money we made in Africa, that  time when we were being chased by half the continent's law enforcement?"

Again, Lara nodded, a look of awe coming across her face. "Don't tell me," she said.


Lara looked absolutely incredulous at this point. "And she wanted to make that much money off of your vault?"

"Yeah, or at least part of it. She talked about hitting a bank, too."

Lara didn't seem to know what to say next, and neither did I for a moment.

"And you're trying to help her get this money? All to save this girl's sister from a debt?"

"You don't get it, do you? When you owe Demyan that much, you either pay up quick, or -"

"You die," she finished my sentence for me.


The End

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