Earlier that day

"Jazz, whats on your mind?" Nik asked. I didnt reply right away, trying to steer out of the parking lot.

"Got a weird phone call." I mumbled after a while.

"What was it about?" Nik pressed.

"I got invited to something. A party, later tonight." I added.

"Ooh, can I come?" She bounced up and down in her seat.

"It's at a bar Nik." I replied.

"Oh come on Jazz, I'm responsible, please can I come?"

"Isnt it a school night for you?"

"Its friday." Nik had crossed her arms. "Come on, you never involve me in your schemes."

"This isnt a scheme Nik, and I dont do schemes." I added the cover quickly. I didnt want her to know what I did.

"Come on Jazz," Nik wasnt fooled, she was never fooled. "I know you scam people for a living, I want to do it too."

"And waste your education and brains?" I retaliated. "I dont think so." We were finally home. The argument continued.

"I know you were pulling some big scam today, since when do you wear a suit?"

"Just get inside, Nik, you arent coming and thats final!"

A few hours later

I entered Harvey's bar with Nik not too far behind. Almost at once, a young woman named Lara came up and introduced herself. She was, confident, and beautiful with wavy blonde hair and grey eyes. An older man waved us over to a table and told us drinks were on him. I felt like I could use something a little strong, but I declined. I needed to be a good example for my little sister.

The man, who's name was Arthur, Art or Arty for short, needed help helping some guy named Flint White, who'd gotten into trouble over some diamonds. We needed to, if I got this right, invade some rich guys house, dig up his basement floor, uncover and then return the diamonds to the guys this, Flint, was working for. It seemed straightforward enough.

"I guess I'm in." I said when all was said and done.

"Me too." Nik chimed in before I could stop her.

"Great." Art said. "We'll lay out the basics and then, meet back here tomorrow to get the ball rolling."

"Alright." Lara said. "So I guess we'll need to..."

Later that evening.

"You cant get involved in this Nik." I said, flopping down on the couch. "Its too risky. Who knows what'll happen at this guys house. You might have to miss school, you'll have to break your perfect attendance record."

"I dont care about that. I want to help you."


"Stop Jazz, I already agreed to it, we're in this together." With that, she went into her room and closed the door. I smiled to myself. She was confident. Maybe, it wouldnt be too bad to have her along for the ride.

The End

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