Christopher Miles

When I arrived at the bar, I glanced around for Arty before spotting him at a table near the back with Lara Waine - an old friend of mine. We'd pulled some pretty big cons together in the past. She came and greeted me personally and showed me to the table.

I exchanged a few quick words with Arty and got myself a drink, and a while later, everyone else had arrived. He explained that Flint White conned some diamonds out of an arms dealer and buried them, and that now the arms dealer was back for him, but an MPs house was built over the diamonds and now we had to retrieve them.

Well, that would make for an interesting job. When Arty asked who wanted to do the job, Lara was the first to speak.

"You know I'll always help you Arty," she said. "I'm always up for a good scam."

After a few others volunteered, I spoke up and said, "Sure, I'll help." Then, the rest of the others said they'd help out, too, and we began planning.

We scheduled another meeting the following day. I went back to my apartment, and found the door ajar. I scolded myself for not grabbing my pistol before going to the bar, then went inside.

I found my apartment trashed - tables overturned, bed torn apart, things lying on the floor where they'd fallen. I slowly and silently walked into my bathroom, where I found the perpetrator, wearing all black clothing and a ski mask, digging in my vault where I kept my cash - how did he even know where that was? I came up behind him, then took him in a headlock. He struggled for a moment before relaxing, realizing he was caught. I dragged him out to the main room and almost let him go when he redoubled his efforts. He slammed his elbow back into my ribs, and then got loose, running to the door. I grabbed at his ankle, tripping him, then pulling him back towards me so I could remove the mask and see who had the nerve to break into my place.

When I pulled off the mask, I was stunned to see a girl - about 17, average weight, a little short - laying there, struggling to get free from me.

"Please, she said, "Please, you have to let go of me. You have to help me!"

"Help you with what? Stealing from me?"

"I'm sorry! I need help!"

"Okay," I said, "tell me what happened."

The End

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