Of Diamonds and MPs

Lara Waine

Being the first to arrive and greet Arthur, after not seeing him for a while, I managed to sit and watch the other people arrive and wonder the real reason behind this get together.

Next to arrive was Christopher Miles. I knew Chris personally, had pulled quite a few successful cons with him in the past and we were friends - as far as the term went in this line of work. He was good at what he did and that was important. I made sure to greet him personally and exchange the usual banter when we met.

After that, two people arrived together. The lad looked to be around nineteen or twenty, the girl he brought with him looking about fourteen. I knew them from reputation. As far as I knew, Jasper Cariola was the one who pulled the cons. He was heavily involved in finding out about people's backgrounds and forging documents to gain advantage and money on the marks. I didn't know much about his sister Nicole apart from that he refused to allow her to help, even though she had said so herself that she wanted to be involved in this business. I made sure to go over to them and introduce myself.

Soon after that, everyone was seated and in possession of a drink. This is when Arthur would begin to tell us about why we were really here.

"Now I'm sure you're all intrigued as to why I invited you here." he smiled. "Well I want your help. Actually, I need it. As you all know, I was released from prison not long ago. It didn't take me long at all to set up a place for myself and spread the word I was back out and still in the business. After a couple of days, a crate was delivered to my door. It took me a while to open it, but when I did, I found Flint White in there. You know what is said about Flint, he's got fast hands and even faster legs." He paused to chuckle and I followed suit, as did Chris. It was true, Flint was well known in the business. "It turns out he's in trouble. He conned some diamonds out of a major arms dealer. At the time he got away smoothly, but the arms dealer has come back to get him. If Flint doesn't give the diamonds back in five days, he's as good as dead. I managed to buy him those five days, but this is serious. I would be able to do this by myself, but there are some complications beyond the control of one person. Specifically, to get hide the diamonds when he first got them, he buried them. It would be a simple job, but they're buried under an MPs house that was built shorty after Flint buried the diamonds. I called you all here because I need your help in pulling off the scam. I understand if you walk away, but I do rather hope you don't." With that, he looked around the table at us.

I was the first to speak. "You know I'll always help you Arty. I'm always up for a good scam." I said, picking up my pint and drinking some.

The End

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