"Glad to be doing business with you." I reached across the table and shook the mans hand. He'd just payed me a thousand dollars to pay off the debt of one of his own ancestors.

I'd get monthly payments of about a five hundred bucks for the next several months from this guy, delivered to an address I checked only once a month, never on the same day. It was a simple self cleaning con I did every few weeks, I'd do a little research on some slightly famous guy with a load of cash in his pocket and forge a few bank documents that said they had some major debt in their family history. I'd contact them, flash them a fake ID, then tell them that if they had the money by a specified date, they'd be off completely free and there would be no publicity. I'd meet them at a place of their choice at a date of my choice, they'd hand over the cash, I'd give them my card with the address they were to mail the rest of the money to, and they'd be off scot free and I'd walk around with a steady monthly paycheck.

"No one will be alerted to this mishap." I continued, standing now and gathering my things. "I dont expect we'll be seeing each other again, but, it was nice meeting you." I put a few bills on the table to pay for what I'd ordered, and walked out of the place.

Walking through the front door of my apartment, I was distracted by the phone over the counter ringing. I took it off the wall and looked at the caller-ID, blocked.

"Hello?" I answered it cautiously.

"Hello Jazz," Said a male voice I didnt recognize. "I'm having a little party at Harvey's Bar tonight. I want you to come." I frowned, nobody called this number for anything. I didnt tell anyone what it was.

"Who is this, how'd you get this number?" My questions went unanswered, the line was dead. I sat on the couch to think.

No one had my home phone number 'cept my family. They never called, or even tried to interact with me and my little sister, Nicole. As far as they knew, she was dead, killed in the same accident that killed our parents. I had already dropped off the radar, tried to keep a low profile. I dont know how Nik found me. I tried to keep her away from what I was doing, she was still in school--

Holy smokes! Was that the time!? I lurched off the couch, grabbed a jacket off the hook in by the door and snatched at the doorknob. I had to get Nik from school!

The End

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