Christopher Miles

"Hello there, Ronald."  I said as I approached the figure standing in the alleyway, and when he heard my voice, he cowered.

"Please," the man said, "Please! I just need a little more time!"

"You're out of time, Ronald. Demyan wants his money now." I flashed my pistol to make the point.

"Okay!" He threw his wallet at me and ran to the end of the alley. "Take it! Just please leave me alone!"

I leaned down to pick up the wallet off the ground. "Demyan will be pleased, Ron. You'll be rewarded."

I hated doing enforcement work, but sometimes you had to do things you'd rather not. Demyan was a friend of mine, and he'd asked me to use my....unique talents to convince the man, Ronald Parker, to hand over the money he owed him.

When I arrived at my apartment, I tossed my things onto a small table just inside the door. I unholstered my pistol and removed the holster from my belt before taking off my coat and tossing that on a hook.

Ring. Ring. I picked up my phone just before the third ring. "Hello," I said, wondering briefly who would have this number that would bother calling it.

"Hello Chris," said a familiar voice.

"Arty," I responded. "How are you doing? Out of prison, I see."

"Yes, I was released just a few days ago. Listen, I'm having a little party at Harvey's Bar tonight. You must come, if you're not busy."

"Well, I don't think I have anything going on tonight."

"Excellent. I'll see you there then."

"I'll see you there as well, old friend."

I  left my apartment, grabbing my coat once more, and called a cab.

The End

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