The Con is On

A group of con artists to go around conning the conmen and the greedy, nasty people of the world. Will they pull it off? Will they get caught?

Lara Waine

" can we seal the deal gentlemen?" I say, my voice soothing and persuading them that last final bit to hand over the £25,000 pounds.

"I'm still not sure." says one of the men. It's one of his lower associates.

The main mark looks at him as though he's an idiot. "You've just watched what they're going to do. They're going to make me millions with this. Keep your mouth closed." he snapped. I really would have no qualms about taking this nasty piece of work's money. The only time he'd looked at my face was when I was talking about money and how I could make more than he had already if he just gave me £25,000. "Here. I trust you to make me a very rich man." I smiled, shook his hand and watched as he left.

As soon as he had left the building, I began to strip away everything that had made this con work. Boy would he be in for a shock when he came back next week and there was nobody by the name I'd used. This wasn't even my office.

I checked around the room to make sure I hadn't left anything, picked up the briefcase and walked out.

As I got down into the foyer and near the revolving door outside, I got a call. It was on my private number, not the one I used for cons. I answered, feeling perfectly safe. "Hello. Lara speaking."

"Hello there Lara. I've missed you while I was in prison." said the voice on the end of the line. He was back!

"Ah, did you enjoy your trip?" I said merrily, walking out of the building.

"Oh it was wonderful. I got to see Harry again. I haven't seen him in years!" I smiled at the phone. "Anyway," he continued. "That isn't the reason I called. I called to say I'm having a small get together tonight and you must come, if you aren't pulling a con that is."

"Oh no. In fact, it was perfect timing. I'd just finished when you called. Where is this party then?" I grinned, getting into a cab.

"It's at Harvey's bar."

"Well he'll be happy. Nobody ever goes in there." I put the phone to my chest and told the cab driver the address. He nodded and pulled out.

"I'll see you there then." He said.

"I guess I will old boy." I replied and the line went dead.

The End

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