Competetive Hardship 3: RouxEdwardsMature

At least you had a family figure! I lived on my own - didn't have a choice over things like pee quickly or freezing water! How easy was your life! I had to pee in a bucket and drink it later on! because I didn't have running water... no siree! Although it most probably did run at some point - but that was away from there.

I did have parents though.. don't get me wrong! My mother left me in England and emigrated to France and my father don't get me started! He ran me over and said that a rotting chicken casserole had more value than me!

He moved me out as soon as he though I could fend for myself (I was still at school.)

And don't get me started about school either! I'd be beaten up on a daily basis, nicknamed, and on my birthday I got special treats of stolen clothes (from my body) and doused in the showers. Which I suppose was good as there wasn't a shower in my place. I never liked school - I had to walk miles to get there and I was a social reject, even the teachers joined in!

One of heir best jokes was 'Roux germs' whenever i touched anything (even the air) Punching me was the only way to disinfect me. It was hard.. and I haven't got any feeling in my arms anymore.

I was a caring person though and after schools i'd walk an extra two miles to my grandparents where I'd look after my crippled grandmother. I'd have to wipe her bum when she got off the toilet and haul her twenty stone body off of her bed.

I'd go home to no food or drink in the house and scrounged for food from complete strangers.

Life was hard... But I'm still the better for it! Some people don't know how hard it is.

(BTW... true bits = mam moving country, father running me over, chicken casserole > me, beaten up, birthday story, caring for grandmother, no food or drink, scrounging... It really is a shit world out there... I'm proof!)

The End

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