Apologetic Ferret

One morning, having spent the morning curled up beneath a radiator, Shade trotted into Jeremy's room in the form of a large golden retriever. Every time it had seen the boy so far he had looked downhearted, if not miserable. Shade felt guilty, after all if it had come to his aid faster then maybe it could have helped him before he had to go through the trauma of losing an arm.

As it was, it would simply have to settle for a heartfelt apology. However futile it felt, it really was the best Shade could do for now.

Trotting up to Jeremy's bed, Shade turned into a ferret and clambered up to the side of the hospital bed. Scrambling onto Jeremy's shoulder, Shade rubbed it's small furry head against his cheek and licked his ear:

"Sorry pal," it said remorsefully, "I'm sorry about all of this. I should have got to you faster, it wasn't fair for you to suffer that much. You've done so much for us, it's really not fair. Forgive me?"

The End

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