It took along time to be able to stand normally again, with the lost wait from Jeremy's arm.  He looked down at it stupidly.  It was funny all of the things you used both hands for and never even thought about.  Even brushing your teeth would be hard now, not to menchion other things like typing and playing catch.

As he looked around the room, the same thing that'd happened with the french docotor happened with everyone else.  As soon as he looked at them, he saw . . . them, really.  He could see their guilt, he could see their emotion, and could tell, to some extent, their life story.

He avoided looking at some of them.  Their lives were not something he would really like to see every time he looked at them, especially Ami and even Shade. 

Miss Cult was suprisingly better than Jeremy would have expected.  She had done so much in her past, working with the company and such, but she wasn't guilty for them.  She knew what she'd done was wrong, but she also had a strange ability to forgive herself.

Jeremy sat up from the hospital bed, looking around the hospital room.  He felt funny without his arm.  He felt lame.

The End

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