Jeremy was awakened by a calming voice, which was strongly french accented.  He opened his eyes.

"wake up ... wake up ...."  The voice said, and Jeremy realized it was coming from a doctor.

Jeremy looked around, he was in a hospital bed, the sheets stained with blood near his right arm, an IV in his left arms, and a tube up through his nose.  Jeremy looked at this doctor, and was slightly amazed at what happened.

Doctor:  age 42, eye colour hazel, a french  male mixed with . . . japaneas, a slight hobbel in his right foot, a partial defness in his left ear, a medical masters degree in colege.

Jeremy sat there, slightly amazed.  He'd always been able to do this, but only sometimes, and he wouldn't get that much information.  Now it seemed as if he could find out everything about the person with a glance.

But that reminded him.  He looked at his arm, which was now a stub at his wrist, black stitches at the tip.  He felt fine.

"How long have I been out?"  Jeremy asked. 

"Almost a week."  The doctor said concerened.

"What?  A week?"  Jeremy was astonished.  how could he have been out a week?

His miss match colored eyes looked up as Ami and a few others walked into the room.  They all smiled and seemed pleased to see him. 

Jeremy couldn't help but smile too, although that didn't answer his questoins about what happened while he was out, or how they got here.  He decided now was as good a time as any to ask.

The End

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