Hang In There...

Oh gods. Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods. This is bad, this is really bad. I need to do something. Now.

Shade, in the form of a human woman, was investigating Jeremy's wounds. It had long since left the giant to finish Onyx off and it had gone looking for its' missing friend. Although relieved to find him alive, it was now terrified at the prospect of losing him.

It needed to act fast.

"Hang in there," it hissed, hoisting the boy's limp form into it's arms and staring to pick it's way through the rubble, "Just hang in there. I'm going to find help, just hang in there."

Right. I need to find a hospital. A big one, with lots of medicinal-looking stuff in it and plenty of experienced doctors. This is going to take some serious fixing and I won't have anyone botching it.

And I need someone who speaks English. I don't talk French.

The End

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