Blood Loss

Jeremy lay there, unconcious and bleeding.  The bloodflow had become strong enough for his turnakite to finally push off just enough for blood to seep out, quickly.  It was cut just over a main artery in the wrist, and it wouldn't take long to kill him.

Someone finally came over to him, muttering a swear word at seeing the seriousness of his arm.  His face was pale and sweaty, his heart pumping fast, which really wasn't helping his body overcome this.  They tightened his turnakite, but it wouldn't be enough to save him.  He needed a way of suchering up his wound, of connecting the skin so that it wouldn't continue to bleed.  Most inmportantly, though, he needed blood.  He was a blood type O, which ment the only way to give blood to him was another O, which was extreamly rare. 

Normally even as Jeremy was asleep he could still continue to use a few select powers, but now, not even one of them worked.

The End

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