Wait a minute...

"Ow." I say after three minutes of unconciousness, I glance around. What the heck happened here?! I push myself up and realise I'm all alone; I look into the water and see that even that water-trator was gone, I stand up rubbing the back of my neck.



My head whips around at the sound of the screams. Oh no. I run towards the sounds. Next thing I know I'm in Paris (again) and the old crone lady is having her energy zapped by angel boy and girl.

All my instincts kick in at once, attack her, proctect her, AGHH! I kneel down burrowing my head in my hands, my hands gripping my now half yellowy orange and half black hair. I'm bown to her as a part of a treaty, but I'm also bown to my family and their rights and wrongs - protecting the innocent.

Then it hit me. My intincts to protect the innocent will always be stronger than protecting her. I grin a little lifting my head; my hair turning bright orange. I run at the crone, jumping up and rugby tackling her down to the ground.

"You," she growls, "You belong to me!"

"Not anymore luv." I grin at her, hair turning red and well... let's just say she isn't going to bother anyone else ever again...

The End

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