Kate: Doubleteam!

Raven and I were watching as the chaos was being wreaked around us. We were scared, but we were forming a plan. Then I had one. I told it to him telepathically.

"What if, we fly up to her, dodge her rocks by hightening our electronic densities and then latch onto her and absorb her energy."

"Wouldn't that cause us to absorb her negative spirit as well?"

"Well, whichever one gets the spirit can be exorcised."

"I like that idea, let's do it."

We began running at the Eiffel Tower, then at the base we slowly began floating. Then, we held hands, and as our energy coursed through us both we began accelerating. After about two minuetes we made it to the top, the witch noticed us and threw a rock at us, we hightened our densities and it went right through us. Then, we latched onto her arms, holding on for dear life, while draining her of energy.

Then, as shade was flying around he noticed a change, he noticed thet the crone's face was sunked, and she was looking more like a mummy.

The End

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