Battle... Squeak?

Shade yelped in terror as it crashed against the nearby debris, spasmodically turning into the first from that came to mind. Back in the form of a tiny black-and-white ferret, it whizzed under a rock and watched as Onyx advanced on Ami. The old crone leered and hissed something at Ami, raising her hand as if to slap her.

"You are so useless. So worthless. No-body would care for you, or give you a second glance! What are you, compare to me? NOTHING!!!" she leered, pressing her face close to Ami as, with a cry of pain, the girl passed out. Onyx cackled maliciously and stamped hard on Ami's shoulder.

Shade's temper snapped. With a high-pitched squeak-yowl of fury, it shot out from it's hiding place and launched itself at the crone's face like a little furry cannonball, clawing and biting like mad.

"You disgusting, foul, smelly, flea-ridden old hag! I'll rip you to pieces! Don't you dare touch her again or I swear I'll claw you into ribbons and feed you to the crows!" Shade shrieked as it dived down Onyx's back and began wreaking all the damage it could do.

The witch roared and started twising and beating at herself violently, trying to tear the incensed rodent off her, but Shade evaded her attacks and continued to tear and bite everything that came within range.

Remind me to wash my mouth out with soap after this. I doubt a dung heap could taste worse than this old bag.

I reckon an incinerator's the best place for her. A big one, with pointy spikes all round the inside.

Or maybe I should just give her a one way ticket to hell. With my teeth in her butt for a boarding pass.

The End

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