I changed into a leopard, and ran to Shade, who was a large rat. I rubbed my head against hers, and we began to run.

"Rawr. We need a plan. Like, now. I think Jeremy weakened Onyx, so....wait, where is Jeremy? Oh jeez..."

"He's safe...But we better MOVE!!!" shouted Shade, as we ran to get away from a large rock.

"Thing is, this can't be my aunt, so, my aunt is somewhere in Paris..."

"Or that is your aunt and she's gone crackers." sniggered Shade. I rolled my eyes. Shade turned to face me, and I saw a very large boulder being throw. I gave a very large shout, that came out as a roar, and shoved Shade away, only to be hit with the boulder, changing back into a human, and trying to push it off, with no success.

"Shade, get out of here."

"I ain't leaving my best mate to get crushed by her psycho aunt!"

"Go! Onyx is coming."

Shade transformed, and I couldn't see her. Onyx landed, smirking, hissing, "You are so useless. So worthless. No-body would care for you, or give you a second glance! What are you, compare to me? NOTHING!!!"

In that moment, I felt tears come to my eyes, and felt my head nod as I passed out.

The End

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