Shade's plan didn't quite work out the way it had intended. Although they were now on the surface, and hopefully out of danger of drowning, they now faced a whole new problem.

The crazy witch-lady was hovvering above the Eiffel Tower and shooting at them. Rapidly becoming a large sewer rat, Shade squeaked at the others to follow it. Cult, Jeremy and Shadow it knew were in a place of safety. All it had to do was get the rest of the group there too so they could form some kind of plan.

The only difficulty was not getting blown to bits by the mad crone before they got there.

Darting through rubble and around the carnage that was piling up around them, Shade finally lead it's confused, disoriented companions to the hiding place where the others were waiting for them.

"It's madness out there!" said Shade, scrambling up Cult's shoulder and squeaking in her ear, "You can't move for flying debris, let alone get near that she-devil-woman! How are we going to stop her now? And what about Jeremy?"

Ah heck, this is insanity! How can we stop this woman before she blasts us to kingdom come?

And where has that giant woman got to?

The End

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