We'll Need Everyone

Jeremy was thrown to the side of the dome when the "aunt" had suddenly flown into the air with her new ability, breaking a whole in the top of the dome, letting water rush in.  It was a mistake on Ami's part to have given her the abilty of water, but no time to think about that now.

Even as the water rushed in, Jeremy started to swim up the current at super sonic speeds, using his full abilitys.  He tried to see how many were looking at him, but it didn't matter in the mist chaos, he realized.  There were undreds of them here, and his ability did not let him tell who was looking at him.

Even as he was swimming away, Shade and everyone else was forming a plan, somehow envlolving Shade as a whale, but Jeremy couldn't help them.  He knew what he had to do.  He was dodging rocks that were speeding at him like missles under water.

As he finally got to the shore, he rushed back up the tunnel.  He got to the opening, and didin't care that it was closed.  He ran full speed at it, holding up his forarms and rammed it.  His forces was not enough to crumbl it into a hundred pieces and for him to come flying out like super man, but enough for him to push it up and over.  He skinnied his way out.

The old woman was high in the sky, probably half the height of the Iffel tower, and creating a giant storm.  Every where things were falling, rocks flying.  Hundreds of Civilians were lying around dead from the distruction.

Jeremy moved to a near by house, the door already off of its hinges.  As he came inside he found the nearest output of electricity, and put his hands to it.

He felt the serge of electricity entering into his body.  He took it, and alot of it, even draining power through the powerlines of the rest of the city.

Jeremy felt the power flowing through his body.  It felt good.  He began walking out of the room, prepared to fight this Grand Ma, when the entire ceiling of the house was opened off.  He looked up and saw the old woman, staring at him.  She throwing a rock in his direction, he dodged it, but just as he looked back up one nailed him in the arm.  He fell over, the rock pinning his hand to the ground.  He tried to take his arm out from under it, but he couldn't.

He looked back up at the lady, who had a lardge number of rocks the size of people circling in the air. 

Well this is it,  Jeremy thought.  But just at that second, he noticed something.  Just behind him was a hatched, broken out of the glass on the outside of one of those emergency kits they sometimes keep stuck to walls.

Jeremy stretched out, and barely reached it, pulling it back to him.

As he looked up, he saw the lady suddenly launch the rocks at him.  He had no time to think about it.

He chopped off his own arm from the wrist, leaving him just enough time to dodge the cluster of boulders sent at him.  He screamed.  It hurt, and badly.  He took off his white shirt, making a turnakite, which began to slowly turn red.

He looked up, amist the hundreds of of civilians on the streets, running for their lives.  The old lady had appearantly not realized he had excaped, and thought he was dead.  She chuckled and it was amplified across all of paris.  She flew herself to the tip of the iffel tower, perching on it.

Jeremy did the last thing he could do.  He Sent all of the electricity he had left at the iffal tower.  It traveled through the medal bars to the top, and The old woman was shocked.  She fell from her perch toward  the ground, smaking it hard. 

She's Dead!  Jeremy thought joyfully, but all of his joy was gone when he saw her flying back up.  Slowly but surely, back up toward the sky, back to reek havoc.

Jeremy was slowly falling unconcious from blood loss, but he knew one thing, this old lady was definatly easy enough to take down, but not by himself.  He was a fool for thinking he could.

Suddenly he was picked up, and looked to see who it was.  Shadow was there, in his normal form.  He was carrying Jeremy to somewhere safe.

"What the hell do you think you were doing?"  Shadow asked.

"I don't know, but I weakened her . . . Alot."  Jeremy was starting to feel extreamly light headed.  "Listen, put me somewhere safe and get the others, I know how to stop her, but we'll need more than just electricity, and more than just fire.  We can do it, but not without every . . . one."  With that, Jeremy slipped off into the emptyness of oblivian.

The End

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