When The Going Gets Desperate...

When the old woman started raising the stones, Shade's shark-eyes goggled. This was one powerful sorceress, the likes of which it had never seen before. What was worse was that it was a power-hungry creature, one that was forever thirsting for more power to add to it's array.

Now, faced with such a creature, Shade did the only thing it could. Thoughts gave way to instinct as it changed form, changing into a whale that just about took up all the space in their bubble. It opened it's mouth and said, in the same water-distorted voice as before:

"Get in here! I can pump the water out of my mouth like an airlock, and perhaps if this evil prune gets distracted I can get us out through the underwater tunnels! Don't worry, my hide's too thick to be badly damaged by a few pebbles. Now unless you want to get squashed, get in my gob!"

Ha ha, nice try Shade. You know full well this all depends on getting out of the bubble. You know those aren't just pebbles she's aiming at you.

But when going gets desperate, the desperate get going.

The End

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