Ooooooh brother.

The water forces it's self up into my nostrals, making me light headed. Nelly flings herself at me just as I regain myself. I drive down before she reaches me.

I hear cackling behind me and a few shocked gasps. I stupidly glace back to see them all in deep conversation and the old crone looking resonably pleased, Nelly launches at me again pinning me to a rock behind me. Ow!

Her teeth seem to grow as she nears to me slowly. Tornting me; an evil glint in her eye. So much for friendship, hey Nelly? She retreats back and opens her mouth wide like a whale. My eyes turn into saucers.

Fight or flight Cassie, fight or flight. I think to myself. I see the old crone dissapper in a vapor of water. I find myself drifting to the side a little bit, starring at the vapor. From the corner of my eye I see the old crone appear in the sky, like she's floating. She lifts her arm, pebbles rise under the water next to me.

The children don't seem to notice above the water. Oh good god! At the corner of my eye I see Nelly fly towards me. My survival instincts kick in and I hit the fish away. She falls and I swim away; unable to look back.

The crone lifts the rock and most of the underwater world (including me) at the children...


The End

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