Not All...

"Excuse me, Miss, but I would give almost all of my powers. Would that be fine?" I said softly reaching my hand out. Shadow seemed to think otherwise.

"Ami, what are you doing?!"

"Trying to save my friends." 'Onyx brought me closer, into her own dome. She pushed her hand through, to touch mine.

"You may take two powers away. No more." she said. She let me go back to my friends for a moment.

"I can leave with two of my powers. The rest I ave to give up." I sighed. They nodded. I thought very carefully about my choice. Onyx took me back to her dome. "Your decision?" she asked.

"I wish to keep my fire abilty, and my shapeshifting ability."

"If you keep the shapeshifting power, you can change into a siren for underwater, a swallow for the air, a leopard for land, and the human form."

"Fine. Take the rest." I said, closing my eyes, ready for my powers to be drained. She took both of my hands in hers, pricked the palms with her long nails, then dropped a few cups of water over my hands. With each cupful, I felt weaker, nd weaker. When she stopped, she put me into the bubble with my friends.

"Which powers did you keep?" Shadow asked.

"Limited shapeshifting, for quick get aways and stuff, and fire."

"Why fire?"

"It's the most unusual and unexplinable, and I loke to watch it dance, and to make it dance."

The End

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