Punishment Begins Now

As Jeremy slowly became unconcious, his body's instincs to breath kicked in automatically and he sucked in a full breath of water.  He was still asleep, however, and coming close to death. 

Ami pressed her slimey mouth to his, and sucked hard.  The water was taken from his lungs and out, but also taking out any ounce of air left. 

Jeremy woke up again with his lungs compressed to about nothing.  He, despite everything, still realized something slimey on his mouth.  He wiped it off and found something blue all over his hand.  He looked up at Ami, who was smileing at him.  what?  He thought.  She's blue!

Just at that moment, the bubble of a forcfield began to rise upward.  It lifted until they were above the surface of the water.  Air filled the bubble, and Jeremy brothe in a full breath of Air.

Ami transformed back into a human, smiling at him.  Jeremy, though, did not return it.  It freaked him out, her being a fish, and he really didn't feel like touching her.  His lips still tasting like that blue slime she'd left in his mouth.  bluh!

But that could wait.  They all looked down, seeing the water below them, and the stilagmites hanging from the ceiling above them.  The forcefiled they were trapped in  was suspended in air. 

"Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?"  Someone said.

The old lady in the dome looked up at them from under the water.  She looked alive, and very alive, but as if she'd almost passed out.  Doing this obviously took alot of energy, and maybe, just maybe they could use that to their advantage.  They were brought back down and into the dome.

The old lady looked at all of them, angrily but yet happy in her own sick sort of way.  She pulled Ami into her own small forcfield, and drew her toward herself.  Jeremy did nothing to stop it.  He felt bad for it, but he didn't feel scared for her at all.  It seemed as if all compasion toward her that he had felt was somehow gone, and not just because she'd turned into a fish.

He felt as if she was superior to him.  This was probably just because of his ego that it mattered anyway.  She was stronger than he was, and had proved it many times.  She'd even saved his life many times, and really, what had he ever done to pretect her?

His thoughts were interupted as the Old lady spoke, "You will all be punished for your attempted excape.  The punishment begins now."

The End

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