Whoa! Nelly!

The old lady's screasms echo throughout the dome.


What was that?... Cassie, concentrate. Where's Nelly? I walk through to the kitchen. Water seeps through under the door. Oh dear, even in m head my voice is scarcastic, the old croan is dieing... is it bad that I don't care?

I climb up into the vents, slithering like a very, very long snake. It's a good thing I'm thin! I push the bottom vent cover as hard as I can, forcing against the water which just slides to the side. The water comes up slowly, and cases my body like a suit of armer. I breathe in the water's air as I slip into the room.

The old croan is falling to the floor, that girl my mother told me about is in the form of a siren. uh-oh. now that isn't good!

I  don't have time to worry about that girl though. I spot Nelly by the screen, and swim as fast I can  (which instidently is really fast) to her. I pull the dagger from my ankle holster and attack the ropes around her. They cut after a couple of minutes, the water soaked mouth piece is harder - for some unknown reason - and I have to use my own strength to yank it off.

As I free her, the old croan wakes up, speaking in tounges. Nelly's eyes turn bright amber as she roars and starts measuring me up. The old croan cackles and falls.

Nelly still measures me up about to attack. Oh... ****

The End

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