No Cracks

Great. Creepy old lady tricks us and now some of us are close to drowning. However we fell for this, I don't know.

But when I get out, I'll give that old bag one hell of a kicking.

Shade swam about in the water in the form of a shark, a tiger shark to be exact. As it patrolled their prison, it started looking for cracks, gaps, anything that could be used to escape. Unfortunately for it, it found none. Feeling defeated, it swam up to Ami and nudged her. She turned to look at it and for the first time Shade noticed she'd become a siren. Evidently her relationship to Shadow had given her a certain amount of power.

As if that girl needed it, she was extraordinary enough as it was already! Yes, she really was something special. Shade rubbed itself down her arm as affectionately as a shark could.

"Can you see a way out?" it asked, voice distorted by the water, "I've looked for cracks but I can't find any!"

Gah, pity we can't just blow the lid off this thing.


Or can we....

The End

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