Sugar plum.

Well, that worked. I thought as gallons upon gallons forced its way into the dome.

I grab hold of the door, trying to pull it down, praying that everyone inside can tread water, for a little while. At least with all this water coming to the top it's easier to reach. For everyone. The door almost comes down, then a stray force of wind comes up from the dome, forceing the door and I away form the dome and into a sharp rock.

My eye lids feel heavy on my face, I barely have the strength to keep them open. OW! That hurt. Why do these things always happen to me? Is that even fair? No, I do believe it's not.

"Cassie, back to buisness." The water says.

"Yeah, yeah. Tell Mother dearest I'm doing it!" I push myself off the rock, thinking of ways to be the old mare. I go to the back of the dome, yes I know it's such a cliche 'going through the back door.' But hey, she never locks it, and I'm the only one that guards it. So, all should be good... touch wood.

I open the door - luckly this door has pre-dome - and sneek in.

"Grr." Hey ho, what's that? A large (yes, even by my standards), for lack of another word, monster. Silvery tuna like skin, four rows of razor sharp teeth with bright blood red gums casing the outside. Six tiny yellow eyes around the middle of it's head, with little purple pupils inside. All eyes on me. His flippers have holes in from previous fights, a long raggid scar lines from the top of his head down to the end of his huge body.

"Um... Hey, Nord." Nelly's brother, if he  was a giant, then well, no one (not even me!) would go near.

"Grr." He comes oh so closer, I back away. Grasp the handle. By jove, I think I've got it!

"Come on, sugar puff." I speak in his language. He growls, stops breathing and charges.  Just before he reaches me, I open the door, jump out of the way, he swims straight out clueless, I grab the handle slamming it shut.

Oh dear, I hope they didn't hear that...

The End

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