Blissful Oblivion

As Jeremy started to clutch his throat, I swam over, and kissed him softly. He past out, letting his figure float. I stared at the woman. I thought of something. If Shadow was my brother, then surely I could change into something?

Shadow swam to me, and I began to clench my muscles. Shadow placed his hands on my shoulders, and I felt power flow into me. I curled up a little, before feeling myself transform. I looked down at myself.

My skin had turned pale blue, with tiny shimmers. My hair turned into a wave of pale gold. My fingers were long and thin, and my whole body felt light and graceful. My clothes had changed colour to camoflage with the colour of my skin. Shadow grinned at me. "Your a -s-s-siren." he said, bubbles flowing from his mouth like a string of pearls.

Perfect. My mind fell at peace. Blissful oblivion. I kicked my thin, delicate legs out, swimming to the edge. The old crone seemed shocked. I opened my mouth, and breathed in, and began to sing. A song of betrayal. I took Jeremy back into my arms, and let out a mournful wail, before falling silent. I pressed my blue lips to his, long eyelashes strokin his cheeks. As I kissed him, he opened his eyes.

The End

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