Excape Plan . . . or Not . . .

Jeremy stared down in dumb amazment at the bottom of the dome where the hole in the bottom had seemingly dissapeared.  Sheilding Ami with his own body, he looked up at this crazy woman.  She laughed her high pitched squeal once again.

"What do you want with us?"  Jeremy asked.

"She looked in his direction, an evil grin stuck to her face.  "I've been watching you.  I know of your poweres.  All of yours.  I want them, and trust me, I will have them all in good time."

"And how exactly to plan to . . . steal our abilitys?"  Shadow asked.

For some reason the ladys grin dimmed a little, but not completely.  "Don't worry.  You'll learn soon enough."

Jeremy stared as the woman began chanting some kind of long saying.  Someone tried to attack her, but realized she was pretected by some kind of Forcfield.

Someone, or something, suddenly tapped the dome.  No one could here it because of it's faintness, but Jeremy could feel the slight vibration on the ceiling.  He looked up and saw the tall lady with green hair on top, aparantly holding her breath in the water.

He checked back one more time with the grandma to see if she could tell the lady was on the roof, too, but she was too caught up in her incantations.  He whispered to Ami that she was on the roof, and she somehow communicated it to everyone else with her mind. 

He looked back up at the woman on the ceiling, and could see the slight edges of some kind of trap door that old "Aunty" here obvioulsy didn't know about.

After a few more whispers between them, they had a plan.  On three, Ami would lift some of them with her Wind powers, and the rest that were too much could transform and fly themselfs to the roof.  The giantess would open the latch and they could swim out.

"Now."  Jeremy whispered.  He felt a slight breeze from underneath him, rising to the ceiling and then circling back around the room.  It slowly got more and more and more powerful as he was finally in the air, rising toward the roof.  As they finally got there, the giant opened the door, and a problem they hadn't excpected popped up.  opening the door on the ceiling let down tons of water through the hole, pushing them back towards the ground.  Jeremy put his hands above his face, but just before he was emerged in water, Ami used her water powers to stop it.  All of it stopped and was as if frozen in time.  He continued to rise until his was in the water, where he held his breath and started to swim toward shore.

There they were, a random group of about twenty, all holding there breath in an underground lake, swimming away from a magical lady inside a glass dome, making some kind of crazy spells.  But thats when there plan turned to Blahhh.  A forcfield was suddenly encircled around them.  They tried at every corner to get out, but it was hopeless.  They were trapped.  some of them could breath under water, the giantess and Ami, and others could change into fish, but the rest were doomed. 

Jeremy could hold his breath long for most people, but definetly not forever.  He began to kick at the sides of the tank hopelessly.  He was already growing faint.  He looked back at the dome with the crazy lady inside, smiling at him, her long fingernails pressed up against the glass.

This was it.  He tried to conserve energy for as long as he could.  Ami looked at him and everyone else hopelessly.  She could breath, but everyone else was dieing.  She swam to Jeremy.

Jeremy, though, was screaming out in his head.  He was seeing colors.  He felt Ami's lips touch his in a small kiss.  It felt good, Infact, the it was last thing he did felt before everything became black.

The End

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