what the....???

"Cassie, Cassie wake up!" The water yells into my pores. Before I know it there's a force of water, like being splashed with a jet power on land.

"What the...? What are you doing?!" I yell, if anyone was watching they'd probably think I was crazy yelling in the water, but I and a very few others can speak to mother nature herself.

"You need to help!"


"NOW!" She screams at me, flinging me in the water. Bloomin' heck.

"Ok, ok." I stand, "what's going on?"

"The old lady - Misstress Lee - has betrayed our trust." The water swirls into the form of a woman, the woman of the elements, the woman of the world. Mother Nature. My mother.

"She what?! H-How did she do that? I thought you couldn't ever be fooled, or whatever!"

"I suppose I was wrong. The lady's fused her dark magic with the dome now. I cannot get in there alone. You cannot fight her without seriously hurting or killing yourself, as you are bown to her."

"I am not bo-. Oh sh-ugar. Why did that happen again?"

"We didn't have a choice, we needed someone of our kind with her. That was part of the treaty."

"Treaty... pur-lease tell me you're kidding me, that you didn't know she was bad!" I pleed, swearing away in my head.


"You did! Oh my god! I cannot believe you knew this and you still  made me bloomin' well bown to her!" My voice raising several decibels at a time.

"Now then dear that makes no sense." She says, a smile forming in the corner of her lips.

"Oh-you-know-what-I-ment!" I say, the words tumbling out at once. 

I jump up and start to swim to the top of the dome. I clear the algi from the clear top, so I can peer inside. "Good work." Her voice from nowhere makes me jump a mile high.

"Knock, knock much." I snap at her. She grins.

"There's my daughter," she patts the side of my head. "You'll do well, I know it. I have to go, this isn't the only desater in the world at the moment you know."

I sigh. "Bye Mum."

She chuckles, "Goodbye Cassie, good luck. Love you."

"yeah yeah, love you too ma." And with a swirl of water she's gone.

I look inside to see the old mare change, "It's smoke and mirrors in this blooming world. Smoke and mirrors." I mutter as I try to signal to the kids inside.

I gasp as I see Nelly, tied up, gaged and shoved behind a screen. "How dare they!" I signal them again, and one looks up and catches my eye. Bingo.


The End

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