Eh, Oh . . .

What the **** have I gotten myself into, and where the **** are we?  was the only thing Jeremy was capable of thinking at the time.  He was a little disoriented.  They get to the tower, and the first thing they see is a tunell leading down to the aunt, and someone who just happened to be her protecter or body guard, a giant. 

He wondered if that was completely counisidens, or if there was something leading them that way.  It seemed a little suspicious.

He also looked at Ami, who also didn't seem to be at all startled by this situation, which kind of frightened him.  It'd seemed like that for a while now, and he almost felt like he didn't know this person his arm was wrapped around right now.

Miss Cult also seemed on edge, but yet she too seemed like she too had almost excpected this situation. 

This crazy lady with the silver pupils and long fingernails, yeah she was not trustworthy.  Jeremy knew this off the bat, and it wasn't a hunch.  He could just feel evil feelings coming off of her.  And also, what exactly was it she could do.  She obviously had some kind of special ability no others had.  Jeremy suspected it had something to do with the mind.  Maybe not mind reading, but something along the lines of mind controling, maybe.  Ami seemed in love with this woman at first site, as if hypmitized by her.

Really, the only one who really seemed normal and themselves right now was Shade, who was staring around this glass dome as if it was going to colapse on them.

"I'll be right back."  Jeremy whispered in Ami's ear as she continued to ramble on with old Gramy.   She didn't seem to care much.

He left the dome from a hole in the bottem.  An interesting concept, keeping the air inside while leaving an opened entering way all the time.  He dove in, opening his eyes underwater and looking at the strange fishes underneath.  He eventually came up at the rocky shore, and decided to investigate the little cottage sitting there.  He wondered why it was really there, if this "Aunt" was supposedly alwasy down there in that underwater dome.  He walked inside to find an extreamly plain room.  There was only one room in the entire thing, a toilet in the corner hidden my a curton.  

There were old wooden floors, wooden walles, but yet a strange medal ceiling.  It made him gitter.  He wanted to leave so badly he could scream.  Every where here just seemd to scream evil.

He quickly swam back into the dome.  "We're leaving right now."  He said.

Everyone looked back at him.  "What?"  Ami asked.  "We just got here."

"It doesn't matter.  Grave your things.  We're leaving this instant."

Suddenly the Aunt let out a blood curdoling, high pitch squeal, which was supposed to be laughing.  She stared right at Jeremy with eyes that continued to change colour.

This wasn't Ami or Shadows aunt.  This was some kind of distraction, and Jeremy didn't like it.  He graved Ami arm, and quickly made for the hole at the bottom of the dome, when it automatically sealed off. 

They were stuck.  They were trapped. . . .

The End

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