...ok then...

Well, that was odd. I think to myself, retreating back.

"Nelly," I whisper. "Oi Nelly! Where are you?" I whisper, slightly louder now. I'm back in the water now, my domane. A giantess in these waters really isn't anything odd.

"Nelly isn't here Cassie." The water whispers in my ears.

"Where is she?" I ask. Swimming down to the shore, and sitting lightly down. Little fishes swim up to me, then swim away, back and forth, back and forth.

"She's inside with the others." The water soothes.

"Figures," I mutter. I lay back down, my head in the soft sand. I don't know what I am, sure, I'm a giantess, but, not a normal one. I mean, there aren't many that can breath under water like a fish and on earth like a human - even if they can't stand all airs...

I thump my cirled up fists on the ground, which shakes. Cassie, I think to myself, what are you? At that moment, I've never felt that alone, ever.

The End

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