Shadow:Complete Confusion

Aswe followedthe guy into the water, I looked at 'Nelly'. She sure was a good guard. We came to the woman,eyes closed, deep in meditation. She opened  her silver eyes.

She had long black hair, silver irises, and long painted nails. She turned, her eyes curious,before standing. "Auntie Lee!" I cried,running forward to hug her. She smiled.

"Hehe, don't squeeze so tight kid. You don't want to strangle me." She chuckled. I pulled away, smiling. Lee's eyes strayed to the side. "Oi, kid.  Go in your normal form a min." she said softly. I obliged.

I saw myself in my aunt's eyes. Scruffy, short, light brown hair, quite pale skin with a couple of freckles, and rich, soft blue eyes. Aunt Lee pushed past me, and gently pushed Ami's head to face the side,  where a tiny, cresant moon birthmark lay. Her eyes danced.She grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me to Ami's side, and turned us to face the others.

She turned my head, revealing my own birthmark. She turned our heads to face the others again, and stood with them. "Auntie Lee, what are you..." I didn't finish. Jeremy walked forward with Shade. Shade turned to him. "Well...this is...different." she whispered. Jeremy nodded slowly, not taking his from Ami's. I turned to Ami, who turned and shrugged.

I looked t her, then into her eyes, seeing myself. I picked her up, and swung her round, laughing. "WAAAAH-H-HOOO!!!" I wooped. She seemed to get the picture. She hugged me, giggling.

" my own brother. He's been one of my best friends. My Goddess." she whispered in disbelieve. She laid her head on my grubby shirt.

"Our Goddess indeed." I mumbled back.

The End

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